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Why are headgears so popular these days? People demand snapbacks every day! Different headgears like the Fedoras, cowboy hats, felt hats, straw hats, fitted hats and other different head gear styles are found common on models, celebrities, and regular guys’ head.

Despite the fact that newer styles of snapbacks are designed every day, the fitted hat is still the only style that finds its way to men’s head always. The fitted hats are the hottest head gear till now, and virtually every man wouldn’t want to miss it. It looks good when head gears fit the heat, but the only problem is that it takes a while before the hat fits the head.

Snapbacks made of wool as most Thalhimers snapbacks, and fitted hats are, are the best. For snapbacks to fit your head, it is mostly recommended to shrink your hat. The shrinking process is often done with the hot water strategy. Wool doesn’t endure hot water, as such; it shrinks when treated with hot water. However, you can just sprinkle hot or warm water with no detergent on your snapback and wear it almost immediately.

Can’t bear the dampness on your head? Don’t worry, here is another method. Look for a round object similar to a bowl or ball with the same size as that of your head and wear the hat, after wetting it with hot or warm water, on it.

In case you are showering with your snapback on and the color starts washing, here is the solution. Rinse with cold water almost immediately and dry using a hand dryer. Make sure you allow the hat to dry while on your head (the way you usually wear it) as this will help maintain the fitness.

Let me take a wild guess; you’re thinking about the damp smell. Don’t fret; you just have to air the snapback out to get rid of the damp smell. However, make sure you avoid sunlight as this can bleach your hat.

Here is another method if you don’t want to risk the color of your hat. But you will have to bear the risk of changing the shape of your hat. Cut out the mesh inside your snapback and take out the board. This procedure will shrink your hat considerably.

The best and the most efficient method is to get a Thalhimers snapback. It comes in different sizes and fitness. You buy your size, and it will fit you well. Apart from the fact that the Thalhimers snapback will fit you well, it will also maintain its old authentic look without any form of deformation that may occur as a result of the aging and fitting process.

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